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The Society meets every 4th Tuesday at the Museum at 7 P.M. All are welcomed. The building is the old town library built in 1897 and in use until 1994 when the town library moved to its present location due to lack of space. The museum is opened every Saturday from 1-4 P.M. If you go to the museum and no one is there, call one of the names on the door and we will try to open up.


The Hamsptead Historical Society Collection is located in the Historic Library Museum on Main Street next to the Congregational Church. The collection contains artifacts from the very beginning of the town (1749) up to present day. We have hand-written sermons from Rev. True the first pastor of the church when it met in the Meetinghouse on Emerson Avenue, an extensive collection of the Hampstead High School one of the first public high schools in the U.S. and a delightful file box containing a 3 by 5 index card on every town member who fought in WWII. Each card has a serviceman's unit and what happened to him or her during the war. This box was started and maintained by Mrs. Levi Duston who lived at 777 Main Street.

We also have our original Boston Post Cane given to the oldest member of the town by the Boston Post Newspaper. These canes are made of ebony with a 24k gold head containing the town inscription and seal. Canes were given by the Post to each town's oldest member in most New England towns starting in 1905 (?). Many towns no longer have their canes, but we do!

If you are new to town, a great place to learn about Hampstead is buy purchasing a copy of Maurie Randall's (Town Historian) book History of Hampstead, New Hampshire (1999) ($25) and several paperback editions of first history (two volumes) written by Harriette Noyes in 1899. For those looking for relatives this is a great place to start as everyone in the town belonged to the church (there are some exceptions) and were listed in her book by their church number.

We are always looking for volunteers to work in the museum on Saturday. Contact us below for more information and genealogical resources.

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